Yessin Productions is a registered Nigerian company, launched in 2011 but kicked off in blogging in 2017.

Fashion & beauty!

Yessin is also a sole-proprietary Nigerian Fashion and Beauty company, committed to designing and producing products that reflect creativity and transformation.

It launched the beauty line in August, 2018 with a beauty line branded “Yessin Beauty.” A beauty company which focuses on innovative synthetic and organic formulas for a radiant, glowing, clearer and hydrated skin, under the flagship of “Best Kept Secret”. In December, 2019, “Yessin Fashion” kicked off its smart sunglasses and women handbags.

Yessin’s essence is to deal mostly with a woman’s overall look and clarify the misconceptions associated with Nigerian brands.
Create quality modern, elegant and youthful fashion designs, and formulate up to date solutions, which offers  flawless ageless beauty, to attract new customers and retain existing clients. 
Key insight:
You get to own an authentic African brand at affordable prices. This also applies to our beauty products. They are same or even better quality and performance compared to foreign products.
Target audience:
Our fashion section caters to young female adults to women in their prime; coporate workers, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, celebrities and even men who have mothers, sisters, spouses, girlfriends, business associates and colleagues. However, our beauty products are made for both young and old, male and female adults across all carreer fields.
YESSIN premium brand is most passionate about integrity and customer satisfaction. Our seven team members work tirelessly to provide excellent customer service, quality products, exceptional designs, luxury packaging and on-time delivery. To attain our vision of being the easiest, safest, most efficient and most interactive; a rewarding brand out of Africa, we will continually improve to keep the company afloat on the premise of its known luxurious and promising standards.

The brand expects to reach the world in succeeding years with focused offline stores, pop-up stores and a continuously updated website. Introducing more products under both lines in the nearest future and rewarding customers with award points, eye catching discounts, and premium free gifts and events.

Our main message:
Smart Fashion. Smart People.
Efficacious products that transform.