Yessin Productions is a registered Nigerian company, launched by Jecinta Powell in 2011 with a cosmetic product named “Egyptian Milk” lightening lotion. It was later discontinued for more pressing personal attainments. Having attained a masters degree and short courses in cosmetology in the UK, Jecinta relocated back to Nigeria in 2016. 

Her company “Yessin productions” kicked off again in 2017 with a beauty line branded “Yessin Beauty”. A beauty company which focuses on innovative synthetic and organic formulas for a radiant, glowing, clearer and hydrated skin. “Best Kept Secret” body lotion now rebranded and optimized, was the first synthetic product available to customers. Then the organic line “Yes Yessin” Body soap and scrub launched six months later. Thereafter, the line launched its essential/organic oil product.

New products are expected to be launched in good amount of time in other to be current with beauty innovations. 

Our beauty products are suitable for all skin types and colors.

Confidence in a Bottle


In 2019, “Yessin Fashion” launched with its smart sunglasses and women handbags. And the company is working on launching more products with regards to fashion.

YESSIN premium brand is most passionate about integrity and customer satisfaction. Our five team members work relentlessly and tirelessly to provide excellent customer service, quality products, exceptional designs, luxury packaging and on-time delivery. To attain our vision of being the easiest, safest, most commutative and rewarding brand out of Africa, we will continually improve to keep the company afloat on the premise of its known luxurious and delicate standards. 

The brand expects to reach the world in succeeding years with focused offline stores, pop-up stores and a continuously updated website. Introducing more products under both lines in the nearest future and rewarding customers with award points, eye catching discounts, and premium free gifts and events.

Smart Fashion for Smart People