Derma Roller 2mm


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At-Home Microneedling Tool

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At-home microneedling performed with manual derma rollers pierces the skin with tiny holes which stimulates collagen production and essentially kick starts the skin’s natural healing process.

• This procedure minimizes acne scars and signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

• These tiny punctures allow skincare ingredients to penetrate faster than they would on their own, therefore making changes in your skin faster. Hence, helps your skincare products work better.


Cleanse and apply serum to your skin. Apply gentle pressures while rolling the microneedler over the face; two to four passes vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the same section before moving on to the next area. Once you are done, apply a second layer of serum over the entire face and wait for a few minutes before applying any other creams or lotions. Use caution when applying certain active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids or retinols because they can irritate skin. As soon as you are done using the derma roller, sterilize it in alcohol or specialized cleaner for three to five minutes and let it air-dry before storing it back in its container. Use the treatment at night. Start off once a week at first, working up to three to five times a week. Replace the roller every month if you are using it frequently, since the needles become dull.

Do not use on active acne, extremely sensitive skin, rosacea, cold sores, or cuts. Hypersensitive results, contact your doctor.

Do not share with others and store out of reach of children.


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