Sora Eyewear


Round Leopard Tan Retro Eyeglasses.

70’s inspiration in full swing.


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Yessin Sora is a perfect addition to your accessory list. Its Round and Retro style speaks for itself and a fashion which is always in vogue.

Transparent Tan plastic frame. Medium weight. Round shape. Embossed YESSIN logo. Mild reflective lense. Non-impenetrable. UV protection. Glare reduction. Longer hour wear. Long-lasting product.

Packaging - Carton. Case. Pouch. Cloth. Membership card. Carrier bag.


If you need some assistance, live-chat support is always there to help you to choose the items that best suits you. From considering all the details like size, height, purpose and your personal preferences, we can help you with every step of the way to acquiring your dream item. You may either order the items online or visit our partnering retail stores near you and purchase them from there.

We will deliver your purchase on the same day or the next working day if locally and in some cases, in 5 days, depending on where the item/s will be delivered. Thank you for shopping with YESSIN.


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